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Press / Booking

With the release of The Mystical Rockers' (TMR) new album, 'We Have It Made', we, the members of this elusive (and often mysterious) band, have finally made a serious effort to make our music accessible to fans and enthusiasts alike. Our CD, as well as individual tracks, are available for download from this web site. Additionally, a physical CD of "We Have It Made' may be purchased as well.

If you are interested in booking the band, please contact our Management by e-mail at We can provide you with a cost-free means of hearing the tracks on our site, however, you must actually own or operate a venue that we are interested in performing at. If you are a member of the press, or are a legitimate music reviewer or critic, please let us know and we can let you have a listen for free. The same goes for radio station managers, and anyone else interested in getting involved with the craziness that is The Mystical Rockers.

Michael Raz may be booked solo as an acoustic guitar and vocals act, or the entire band may be booked for electrifying sets of soulful, plaintive indie rock. TMR is a hot band and you should certainly consider getting them on your stage while you still can.

TMR is based in the New York / New Jersey Metro area. As such, unless touring, we will most likely stay within the bounds of this general area, unless the gig is worth our time.

Thank you,
The Mystical Rockers Band and Support Team