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Michael Raz: Vocalist & Acoustic Guitarist, Songwriter, Lyricist For TMR

Michael Raz is the vocalist and acoustic guitarist for The Mystical Rockers, and also wrote the lyrics and tunes. A passion for the truth has always been the chief motivating force in the life of TMR ' frontman. Born to an American mother and Israeli father, Michael has spent a lifetime synthesizing the ideals of Western freedom and Middle Eastern spirituality.

A stellar student, Michael excelled in a subject that was the embodiment of objective truth: math. However, along the way, Michael found that he needed to redress the balance. A love of 19th century British poetry and classic rock provided this. It wasn’t long before Michael found a way to merge the objective and subjective worlds.

Songwriting, inspired by Bob Dylan and Neil Young, served as the place where Michael could safely and clearly express his innermost thoughts and feelings. Universal and personal love are the motifs of his music.

In 2011, Michael formed the rock band The Mystical Rockers with the intention of providing a vehicle for his melodic and literate songs. Audiences everywhere have connected with the mellow rock tunes that are at once accessible and about something.